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workshop graphicIn an effort to unite the GIS community on Cape Cod and the vicinity, GIS professionals from various affiliations formed the Cape GIS Users Group in 2001. This users group provides a forum for data sharing, providing assistance/training, sharing new research projects and ideas, and keeping the GIS community updated.

The Cape GIS Users Group meets at least twice a year, with various trainings scheduled as possible. See announcements in the sidebar to right.

To be a member of this group, one must be an active professional in the GIS community. To become a member, please send an email to GIS Director Anne Reynolds.



FEMA FIRM updates

FEMA recently released Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps to the 15 municipalities of Barnstable County. Though the Cape Cod Commission is not responsible for reviewing or disseminating this data, as the regional planning agency for the county we offered to post information about this data and related meetings in a centralized location.

Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps for Barnstable County were issued on May 3, 2013.

Links to a number of excellent publications available to either download or order. Recommend the FEMA P-499, Home Builders Guide to Coastal Construction Technical Fact Sheet Series.

FEMA’s Disclaimer: Preliminary data are for review and guidance purposes only. By viewing preliminary data and maps, the user acknowledges that the information provided is preliminary and subject to change. Preliminary data, including new or revised FIRMs, FIS reports, and FIRM Databases, are not final and are presented on the MSC as the best information available at this time. Additionally, preliminary data cannot be used to rate flood insurance policies or enforce the Federal mandatory purchase requirement. FEMA will remove preliminary data once effective data are available.



Aerial Imagery 2013

The USGS is scheduled to procure imagery for our area in Spring of 2013. MassGIS and the MassOrtho Consortium are working to negotiate 3" resolution photography for the Commonwealth. The Cape Cod Commission will be receiving quotes for our area by the end of June. Stay tuned.



Aerial Imagery 2011

MassGIS, as part of the Information Technology Division of the Commonwealth, has acquired Spring 2011 (leaf-off) ortho imagery from DigitalGlobe for use by Commonwealth agencies. Unlike past acquisitions, which have involved directly contracting for a flyover at a cost of a million dollars or more, the 2011 orthos are a licensed product with some use restrictions, at roughly a third of the cost. The data are licensed for internal use only by Commonwealth entities, including public universities and all state, local, and regional government agencies. The data cannot be distributed to private colleges and universities, private companies, non-profits, or the general public except that MassGIS can sub-license to individual companies performing work under contract on specific projects for Commonwealth agencies. The data will not be downloadable – the plan is to distribute the imagery on hard drives to user agencies that request it. MassGIS is scheduling distribution; the Cape Cod Commission will advise when the data are ready. 

In the meantime, since ArcMap has the ability to link to a BING aerial basemap, which requires no local storage, we highly recommend that users who do not need to do image classification and the like, avail themselves of this service rather than acquiring a local copy of the data. To do this, use the dropdown arrow next to the Add Data button → select add basemap → select the BING Maps Aerial.  Please note, due to image quality issues, Central Cape Cod, Barnstable, Yarmouth, and Dennis will be re-flown because of geometric issues. Current imagery is available on Bing for these areas, but the imagery will be replaced when the new data arrives, likely Summer 2012.

Please check back here or at MassGIS website ( for more information.


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