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Cape Cod Commission Web-mapping Applications

The Cape Cod Commission's GIS Department has the ability to create interactive web-based maps. If you are interested in designing this kind of map for your project, please send an email to Anne Reynolds, GIS Department Director.




Orleans Historic Places


The Cape Cod Commission has developed the Orleans Historic Places application, which presents users with information and photographs about a selection of historic sites in Orleans. This application has been released to coincide with Orleans Heritage Month and was a collaboration between the Town of Orleans and with the assistance of the Orleans Historical Society. This mobile and desktop application is best viewed in Chrome or iOS. 






Cape Cod Sea Level Rise


The Cape Cod Commission has developed Cape Cod Sea Level Rise story map to show the potential affects of Sea Level Rise on local infrastructure.






Web-mapping Application promoting Buy Fresh Buy Local Cape Cod


Buy Fresh Buy Local Cape Cod

The Cape Cod Commission has developed Buy Fresh Buy Local Cape Cod story map in partnership with the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension.  This application promotes the Buy Fresh Buy Local Cape Cod program: connecting people on the Cape with locally grown farm and sea products.

For more information about the Buy Fresh Buy Local Cape Cod program, including membership benefits, contact Cape Cod Cooperative Extension.





Web-mapping Application to Compare FEMA MapsFEMA Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM)

The Cape Cod Commission has developed a user-friendly, web-mapping application »»»
for viewing the preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) released by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in May 2013 -- FEMA's first significant update of these maps in 20 to 30 years, resulting in many new properties included in the expanded floodplain. The FEMA maps must be adopted at Town Meeting for communities to maintain eligibility with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

NOTE: The Cape Cod Commission's regional, parcel-level viewer is presented as an information-sharing tool only. Questions about how to manage an individual property owner’s flood hazard risk are still best addressed locally, or through FEMA. Cape Cod Commission Planner Cally Harper can help facilitate those inquiries.




Regional Policy Plan web mapping applicationRegional Policy Plan Regulatory Maps 2009

Using recent technology, the CCC updated the RPP web mapping applications. »»»
We feel this user interface offers many improvements, including the ability to view all regulatory maps in the same interface. 

Please note that there are no changes to the data these maps display.  Data updates are in line with the RPP schedule.

To access information for each of the Regional Policy Plan Maps, turn the layer on under the layers menu which is located near the center of the title bar. The parcels layer is set to only draw when the map is zoomed into the extent of approximately a neighborhood (1:20,000). Information about a particular parcel can be accessed by clicking on the map.

Available Maps (Effective January 2009, as amended):

All Regional Policy Plan Maps

Significant Natural Resources - Data sets include wellhead protection areas, 350-ft. buffer of vernal pools, potential public water supply areas, priority and estimated habitat, DEP wetlands, and 300-ft. buffer from pond shore

Water Resources I - Data sets include public drinking supply wells, small volume wells, marine water recharge areas, wellhead protection areas, identified freshwater recharge, MMR plumes, developed areas, landfills,treatment plants and hazardous waste sites

Water Resources II - Data sets include marine water recharge areas, MEP watersheds, preliminary marine water recharge areas

Land Use Vision - Data set includes land use vision status



NOTES about the limits of the GIS maps

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GIS Staff:

Anne Reynolds
GIS Director

Phil ("Jay") Detjens
Geospatial Architect

Heather Cormier
GIS Analyst

Shawn Goulet
GIS Analyst

Gary Prahm (part-time)
GIS Analyst

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