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Barnstable County government

The Cape Cod Commission Act outlines the purposes, duties, and powers of the agency as well as its structure. The Commission is considered a department of Barnstable County regional government, but with its own separate and unique funding source, the Cape Cod Environmental Protection Fund.

Each one of the 15 Cape towns appoints a representative to serve on the Cape Cod Commission. The board of Barnstable County Commissioners also appoint a minority representative, a Native American representative, and a representative from their own board. The Governor's Office appoints the remaining Cape Cod Commission member.

The 19 Cape Cod Commission board members are all citizen volunteers who serve in a quasi-judicial capacity. They are supported by a staff of about 40 professionals, all managed by the agency's executive director.

Commission staff members work to help better manage growth on Cape Cod through planning, technical assistance to the towns, and regulation of large-scale and significant development proposals.

Planners and technical staff have expertise in a variety of subjects including land use planning, community design, economic development, energy planning, affordable housing, historic preservation, open space and natural resources, water resources, coastal resources, transportation planning, landscape architecture, data analysis and mapping and more.



19 Appointed
Cape Cod Commission
Board Members:

One from each of 14 Cape Cod towns, appointed by the town's elected Board of Selectmen

One from the Town of Barnstable, appointed by the town's appointed Town Manager

One Minority Representative, one Native American Representative, and one County Commissioner Representative, all appointed by the elected Board of Barnstable County Commissioners

One Governor's Appointee, appointed by the elected Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Cape Cod Commission
Professional Staff:

All appointed, led by an Executive Director, two Deputy Directors, and senior managers

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