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    2009 Projects


    Total Amount of DLTA Funds Committed: $155,823, plus $20,636 from the Cape Cod Commission (in-kind)

    Regional/Multi-town Projects: 3
    Local Projects: 4


    Regional/Multi-town Projects

    14 TOWNS: 

    • Review of Alternatives for Disposal of Municipal Solid Waste – $45,274, plus $7,700 in-kind from the Cape Cod Commisison

    Developed a scope of work, issued an RFP, and contracted for additional analysis of a regional approach to municipal solid waste disposal alternatives Capewide, including zero-waste options, technology options, and increased range of sample haul and disposal intermunicipal agreements.


    • Cost/Efficiency Analysis of Public Safety Services and Regional Options for Service Provision – $50,000

    Conducted an analysis of options for regionalization of public safety functions for the Outer/Lower Cape. MMA Consulting Group, Inc. delivered the final report.


    • DLTA Program Planning, Management, and Reporting – $5,817, plus $12,936 in-kind from the Cape Cod Commission

    Oversight for all DLTA-funded projects, plus additional contracting and reporting.


    Local Projects


    • Route 132 Regional Corridor – $23,739

    Conducted an analysis of land use, transportation, and economic development opportunities along the Route 132 corridor. Finalized recommendations for traffic and access management, redevelopment opportunities, design, landscaping, and signage. Final report


    • Refine Zones of Contribution to Public Drinking Water Supplies – $15,289

    Provided technical assistance for the refinement of mapping for a “zones of contribution” model of drinking water supplies within Barnstable and shared with neighboring towns. The model protocol was finalized and submitted to the town prior to submission to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Final report


    • Workforce Housing Overlay District – $5,705

    Provided technical assistance for the preparation of an overlay district for “workforce housing” zoning, initially for Chatham but useful as a model for other towns. Finalized a zoning overlay bylaw and companion design guidelines for multi-use structures. Final report


    • Feasibility of Establishing a Stormwater Utility – $10,000

    Provided technical assistance for a phase-one feasibility analysis of establishing a stormwater utility for stormwater management and financing options, initially for Yarmouth but applicable to all towns. Final report

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