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    Model Bylaws


    The Cape Cod Commission prepared the following model bylaws to assist Cape Cod towns in adopting regulations that address a wide variety of land use topics. The goal is to help each town avoid "reinventing" a proven approach to land use management.

    The bylaws were developed as models and are not intended for adoption without specific tailoring for each community. They can serve as appropriate starting points, however, for towns seeking to adopt regulations. It is strongly advised that towns pursuing the use of these bylaws seek advice from counsel during the drafting and adoption process.

    Some of the topic areas are already covered by existing town regulations. A principle purpose of the model bylaws, however, is to encourage towns to review and perhaps update their current regulations to comply with recent changes in statutory law or planning practice and to make their regulations consistent with local and regional plans. To that end, it is recommended that towns review the model bylaws even though their current regulations may appear to address the particular topic.


    CCC Staff Contacts

    Sharon Rooney
    Chief Planner

    Jonathon Idman
    Chief Regulatory Officer





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