Regulatory Role


The Cape Cod Commission's Natural Resources and Open Space program area is involved in ensuring that sensitive habitats such as wetlands, vernal pools, rare species habitat, and significant natural communities are adequately protected or buffered from development.


Regional Policy Plan

Regional Policy Plan flipbook imageRegulations within the Wetlands and Plant and Wildlife Habitat chapters of the Cape Cod Regional Policy Plan are designed to ensure that adverse impacts to these resources are avoided. Several technical bulletins are available to assist project proponents, designers, and engineers understand Commission requirements.

As always, Commission staff is available to answer questions, and we encourage proponents to contact us early during the design phase of project development in order to incorporate habitat protection considerations.


Cape Cod Commission Technical Bulletins


Proponents seeking Development of Regional Impact (DRI) approval whose projects are located in mapped rare species habitat should file for Project Review with the Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program.

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