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    This page describes some grant programs that have been used on Cape Cod and provides links to external web sites with additional historic preservation grant information.


    Historic Preservation - State Grant Program



    Massachusetts Preservation Projects Fund (MPPF) is a matching-grant program that supports preservation of historic properties owned by municipalities and nonprofit organizations. It is administered by the Massachusetts Historical Commission. MPPF has funded historic renovation or "bricks and mortar" projects in Provincetown, Yarmouth, Falmouth, and Sandwich. Grants are also available for pre-development projects and acquisition projects. (See the Massachusetts Historical Commission site; 617-727-8470.)

    Massachusetts Historical Commission's Survey and Planning Grant is a program available to towns to fund inventories of historic properties and preservation planning efforts. (See the Massachusetts Historical Commission site; 617-727-8470.)

    Massachusetts Documentary Heritage Grant Program focuses on the preservation of historic records. It is administered by the Massachusetts Historical Records Advisory Board; contact State Archivist Bill Milhomme. (See the Massachusetts Historical Records Advisory Board site; 617-727-2816 ext. 257.)

    Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities offers exhibition grants and media grants that can be used to educate people about historic preservation efforts and significant properties. (See the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities site; 413-584-8440 or 617-923-1678.)

    Massachusetts Cultural Council offers preservation-related grants through its folk arts and heritage program, and traditional arts apprenticeships program. (See the Massachusetts Cultural Council site; 617-727-3668.)

    Massachusetts Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit provides a tax credit equal to 20 percent of "qualified rehabilitation expenditures" on historic structures listed or eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. This state legislation was signed into law in November 2003. It provides up to $10 million of tax credits annually for a five-year period beginning in 2005. The Massachusetts Historical Commission will administer the tax credit. (See the Massachusetts Historical Commission site; 617-727-8470.)

    Historic Preservation - Federal Grant Programs



    The National Trust for Historic Preservation offers grants through the Johanna Favrot Fund and the Preservation Services Fund. Eligible grant activities range from consultant services, to design and production of communications materials, to preservation conferences, workshops, and preservation education programs. (See the National Trust for Historic Preservation site; 202-588-6000.)

    The National Endowment for the Humanities offers implementation grants for museums and historical organizations; planning grants for museums, libraries and special projects; preservation assistance grants; and grants for stabilizing humanities collections. (See the National Endowment for the Humanities site; 800-NEH-1121 or 202-606-8400.

    The Advisory Council for Historic Preservation maintains a site that provides information on historic preservation grant programs. (See the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation - Sources of Financial Assistance for Historic Preservation Projects site; 202-606-8503.)

    Historic Preservation - Local and Regional Grant Programs



    Massachusetts Community Preservation Act (CPA), a state act passed in September 2000, allows towns to adopt up to a 3-percent surcharge on local property taxes to fund historic preservation, open space protection, and affordable housing. A local committee is established to review requests for funding and recommend how funds should be allocated. Decisions are made by town meeting or town council vote. The Community Preservation Coalition maintains a listing of all CPA grants awarded for historic preservation projects across the state.

    The Cape Cod Foundation (800-947-2322, 508-790-3040) manages more that 120 individual charitable funds, many of which are set up by donors to address specific issues, including historic preservation and related programs. (See the Cape Cod Foundation web site.)


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