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    Workshop II


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    Presentation and Materials from the June 15, 2013 Workshop held at the Community Center.

    Workshop II Presentation

    Exercise 1: Change/No Change
    Green dots represent areas where participants thought no change is needed; yellow dots represent areas where participants thought some change is needed.
    Change/No Change Map

    Exercise 2: Land Use Types
    Participants placed colored sticky notes on the map: green represents open space uses or improved landscaping, yellow represents residential uses, pink represents commercial uses, and blue represents mixed use.
    Group 1 Map
    Group 2 Map

    Exercise 3: Refined Land Use Types
    Participants completed three separate tasks, each involved placing colored sticky notes representing a more fine-grained development type (see land use key). Three exercises were conducted to arrive at a more refined vision for the area, a residential pattern, a commercial/mixed use pattern, and a pattern of green space. The results of each group's results were merged together onto one image for comparison.

    Land Use Keys

    Residential Pattern

    Commercial/Mixed Use Pattern

    Green Space Pattern


    Workshop II video

    Photo Gallery - Chatham Route 28 Visioning Project - Workshop II - June 15, 2013

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